Denise Miller – Bio

As a hi’story’an , and counsellor, Denise Miller combines her love of story and her fascination with people to offer an eye-opening look at communication and relationship dynamics. She presents keynotes, performs concerts, and coaches people in individual sessions or personal and professional development workshops.

Denise has entertained thousands of listeners with performance storytelling around history, geology, geography, legends, and mythology. Storytelling was a natural part of her work while teaching curriculum programming and outdoor pursuits to youth at various educational facilities from 1985 to 2001. Her professional storytelling work began in 1996.

Since then, Denise has entertained hundreds of local and international visitors around the campfire and in a canoe. She has told stories to thousands of students in hundreds of schools, libraries, and various locations, such as trains over the Rockies, white water rafts, cruise ships, and hay wagons.