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Course Overview:

The goal of this course is to flatten that initial learning curve so that students will have the information needed to jump right in!   The study covered the safe use of the equipment and required PPE, what is out there for equipment, and a comparison of the different types. The Myriad of other bits, find them, their various uses, and the types of materials best suited for each bit. Then learn to carve a small barn owl, a tiki, wood spirit, or class choice.

This course will explain what finishes to apply, burning, stain, urethanes, water-based vs. oil-based, and interior exterior—mixing turpentine with oil-based finishes to get deeper wood penetration: different oils and wax finishes.

Level of Proficiency:

Beginners and beginners with some knowledge.

Number of Students

Minimum 2, Maximum 4

What to Bring

A bag lunch.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  1. One N 35 dust mask (Single use per student.)
  2. Pair of Gloves, fairly tight fitting to allow for agility,
  3. Safety Glasses need to be enclosed and make contact to face 360 degrees

If the student does not have this PPE, it can be provided for $30.


The tools and wood will be provided for use during the course at no additional cost.


The Instructor’s shop in Peachland.

Tuition: $80